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In the  fast  growing  business sector every  industry  needs so  many  licenses and certifications   from  different  Govt.,  Semi-Govt. departments.  Co-ordination with Government agencies  also  equally  important  for any successful business.   We under  a professional team  work provide all services under  one roof.

Dupont is ideally  located to offer and  provide  liaison  services to meet  all your industrial  set  up needs. Our liaison services bring the world to your doorstep and are key to your success!

To  provide   top-notch  professional,  cost   effective,   accurate  and  seamlessly consistent services, we focus  on that a client work should be done as fast as any human  being could do.

Being a consultant we focus on the execution of an intuitive or overall need of our client and  established our self as a best  performer for their works  and ensuring total satisfaction and long term value to the customer.

We assure that  your work would be  done  at the  most  priority to save your time and money.

We  have  very  good  rapport  with all Govt.  agencies; we  commit  what  we can deliver.

Our  professional liaison  with all concerned agencies, really  inculcates positive and healthy  atmosphere for the success of the organization.